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Coca-Cola With Coffee

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Coca-Cola With Coffee

When you can't decide between a soda or a coffee to quench your thirst / caffeination needs, then why not just go with both? This cool new Coca-Cola With Coffee from Japan tastes like Coca-Cola and coffee were poured together into a single carbonated beverage that also has additional caffeine added to perk you up. It's currently only available in parts of Asia and Australia, but thanks to the Internet, you can order a pack of 6 cans to be delivered - no need to fly across the planet to try a soda is required.


  • Pack of 6 cans
  • 250ml (8.5 fl oz) each
  • Tastes like Coka-Cola with added coffee! Two great drinks in one.
  • Each 250ml can is packed with caffeine (more than a regular coke) to perk you up
  • 50kcal per can
  • Currently available only in parts of Asia and Australia
  • First appeared in Japan in 2017 as a limited release and is back once again
  • Includes: caffeine, caramel coloring, coffee powder extract, fructose glucose syrup, etc.
  • 0g protein, 0g lipid, 5g carbohydrate, 0.02g salt equivalent (per 100ml)

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