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Sunforce 40 Million Candlepower HID Spotlight Lantern

Sunforce 40 Million Candlepower HID Spotlight Lantern

Three simple little words best describe the cool new Sunforce 40 Million Candlepower HID Spotlight Lantern... Forty Million Candlepower!!!

This super-powered 40 million candlepower flashlight/spotlight can not only light up the night and your neighbor's house with its advanced high-intensity discharge (HID) 35 Watt bulb, it can even be used to jump start your car with its powerful battery. It features 40 minutes of blinding light on full power and has additional secondary LED lighting, just in case you need to conserve battery power or show a little mercy. It includes a swivel tube light, an emergency signal light, a 12V, 7Ah battery and a dual adapter for charging AC or DC. Unfortunately, the Bat-Signal insignia is not included.

I'm starting to wonder if this may be too much power for one person to wield responsibly.

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