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LIT - Under Furniture Mood Lighting

LIT - Under Furniture Mood Lighting

LIT - Under Furniture Mood Lighting

Is your furniture too boring? Well, just like those cool tricked out custom cars with the glowing lighting effects underneath, you can add the same mood/accent lighting underneath your furniture too. Simply install the LIT - Under Furniture Mood Lighting energy efficient light strip and watch as the floor underneath your sofa, chair, bed, table or even a baby crib brilliantly glow a bright white, yellow, purple, blue, pink, orange, green or red. I don't exactly know what having glowing furniture says about you as an adult human being, but these lights are definitely a great solution to evil monsters living under your children's bed (or just makes it worse).

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  • Dimensions: Small: 20", Medium: 40", Large" 60"
  • Materials: Energy efficient light strip (5.5 W), UL approved 6' power cord and dimmer.
  • Colors: innocence white, confidence yellow, passion purple, tranquility blue, passion pink, harmony orange, serenity green, contemplation red
  • Use on: cribs, loveseats, futon, beds, benches, chaises, ottomans, chairs, sofas

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