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Teddy Bear Lamp

Teddy Bear Lamp

Teddy Bear Lamp

What do you get when you cross a teddy bear with a table lamp? The Teddy Bear Lamp of course! This very cute, but slightly unsettling lamp by artist Matthew Kinealy combines a soft plush headless teddy bear with a light bulb and lamp shade head. The teddy bear has a plump body that prevents him from toppling over and features an efficient 12V light bulb with a black fabric covered shade with a lining of reflective gold on the inside. I think it's kind of fun for a baby nursery or a kid's room, but you'll be the one that has to calm them down after nightmares about armies of decapitated stuffed animals tapping at their windows at night. I still think it's cool though.

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  • Designed by artist Matthew Kinealy
  • Teddy bear with a lamp for a head! Is he a bear? Is he a lamp?
  • Plump body prevents him from toppling over
  • Black fabric covered shade with reflective gold on the inside
  • Includes one 12V efficient light bulb
  • 12" T x 12" W x 12" D

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