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Cork Light

Cork Light

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The cool new Cork Light from Oppo in Japan is a little wine cork with an embedded light at the end that transforms any glass bottle into a light show. This unique color-changing cork light illuminates everything from a bottle of wine to a ship in a bottle or just use the included translucent cloud fibers to create a decorative glowing effect. Perfect for lighting up parties, setting the mood during a romantic dinner, or just finding your the wine bottle in the dark.

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Dinosaur Lamps
If you feel that your boring old table lamp simply isn't ferocious enough, then unleash one of these cool new Tyrannosaurus Rex or Brontosaurus Dinosaur Lamps.
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With natural materials of bamboo, cotton thread and raffia, this lamp lends a warm, earthy look to any room.
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Great Grips - Glow-in-the-Dark Doorknob Grips
Opening doors just got easier with this one size fits all glow-in-the-dark doorknob grip!
Temperature Sensitive LED Shower Light
A cool new temperature-sensitive showerhead light that makes the water glow bright blue if the water is cool or bright red if the water is hot automatically... More
WheelBrightz - LED Bike Wheel Lights
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Cork Light
Just place this stainless steel turtle over your pint glass and pour the perfect layered beers.
Cork Light
This borosilicate glass laboratory beaker is attached to a wine stem and base and is graduated to 200 ml, but can hold up to 300 ml if it's been a long day.
Cork Light
99% accurate, single-use, breath alcohol testers that don't require batteries, maintenance, recalibration or training.
Cork Light
A powerful charging Spanish bull has been realistically captured in this handmade borosilicate glass decanter that's perfect for storing your finest bourbon,... More
Cork Light
Rugged leather holster conveniently holds a 12 oz. can or bottle of beer! Anyone for a game of Quick Draw Beer Chugging?
Cork Light
The perfect martini is only a spray away with this easy to use martini mister.
Cork Light
Keeps your favorite booze easy to reach, yet hidden in plain sight right on your belt.
Cork Light
Don't let your drinks get all mixed up at a party, just stick one of these cool new miniature plungers to the side of it to mark it with a color.
Cork Light
Double-walled drinking vessels that are specially designed to deliver the perfect whiskey drinking experience.

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