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AirPro Cordless Air Compressor

AirPro Cordless Air Compressor

AirPro Cordless Air Compressor

I really need to get a new air compressor. I've looked around in the past and I really want to get one that is small, portable and has a pressure gauge built-in. Most of these air compressors don't have a pressure gauge and it's a real pain(exploding tires!) to just guess. Well I found the absolute perfect one.

The AirPro Cordless Air Compressor is a powerful portable/cordless,rechargeable handheld air compressor with a built-in analog pressure gauge (digital would rock, but oh well). Its 12V DC power pack can inflate anything up to 120 psi and includes 4 adapters for all sorts of sports equipment, tires and beach balls. This is a gift any guy would love to get, me included for everyone who wants to know ;)

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  • Versatile inflator has two sources of power - This heavy-duty inflator includes a cordless rechargeable battery pack with wall charger and 12-v DC power pack.
  • No need for a flashlight or emergency light, even in poorly lit areas - Two integrated LED work lights shine brightly wherever you point the inflator.
  • You can inflate tires and sports equipment to the precise specified pressure - Inflator pumps up to 120 PSI and has an accurate, analog pressure gauge.

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