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Margaritaville Portable Tailgating Grill

Margaritaville Portable Tailgating Grill

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It's summertime and you should never really be too far from the grill, so take it with you! The cool new Margaritaville Portable Tailgating Grill goes anywhere a vehicle can take you.

This amazing full size propane grill mounts on a heavy duty steel swing arm system that fits any vehicle with a standard 2-inch hitch receiver. As you travel, the grill locks onto the swing arm and holds securely in place. When you arrive at your destination, it swings out and you're ready to start grilling.

The Margaritaville Portable Tailgating Grill has everything you need to barbecue properly on the go. It features 352 square inches of cooking space, has porcelain cooking grates, an electronic ignition, side tables, a condiment tray, grill utensil hooks and a 20,000 BTU burner. It's housed in a rugged outdoor design and has a sturdy cast aluminum hood and powder coated surfaces for durability and easy cleaning.

This is the ultimate tailgating solution for sporting events and is also perfect for camping, picnics and RVs. When you get home, the grilling doesn't stop either, because it doubles as a tabletop grill with integrated legs for tabletop cooking.

Don't forget to bring along the equally cool new Margaritaville Battery-Powered Portable Frozen-Concoction Maker!

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