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HumidiBreeze - Portable Misting System

HumidiBreeze - Portable Misting System

HumidiBreeze - Portable Misting System

Keep your cool this summer with the power of mist using the HumidiBreeze - Portable Misting System. This innovative fan dispenses evaporative cool mist up to 10 feet away, effectively lowering the surrounding temperature up to 20°F for instant relief from the summer heat. It features an anti-clog design with multiple spray nozzles that work in unison and a 4-liter capacity water reservoir. It produces up to 19 gallons of evaporative cooling mist per day and can even be used indoors during the dry winter months as a whole house humidifier. It's the perfect all year personal comfort solution.

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  • Effectively lowers the temperature up to 20°F
  • Multiple spray nozzles work in unison and won't clog
  • 4-liter capacity water reservoir
  • 6' long cord
  • Indoors - the mister helps to humidify dry air
  • Size: 16.5" W x 10" D x 23.5" H - 19 lbs

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