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Bionaire Bladeless Fan

Bionaire Bladeless Fan

Bionaire Bladeless Fan

If you've always wanted a futuristic bladeless fan, but didn't want to break the bank to get one, then check out this cool new Bionaire Bladeless Fan. This sleek, stylish and relatively inexpensive bladeless fan provides a safer and more soothing cooling experience than the usual bladed fans that chop the air into uneven, intermittent breezes. Like a jet, it uses an integrated turbine to draw air into the base, increases its velocity and then expels it back out through a thin slot along the fan's circumference, resulting in an uninterrupted cooling breeze. I like it because it looks more like some strange, modern sculpture than some clunky old table fan.

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  • Provides safer, more soothing personal cooling than typical bladed fans
  • Integrated turbine draws air into the base, increases its velocity, and expels it through a thin slot along the fan's circumference
  • Superior design produces a smooth, uninterrupted stream of refreshing air
  • Doesn't chop air into uneven, intermittent breezes
  • Produces 500 feet-per-minute breezes from 2' away
  • Oscillates 90°
  • Dial allows smooth, continuous adjustment of air velocity
  • Size: 20" H x 5.5" Diameter - 4.25 lbs

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