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Propello - Cageless Rubber-Bladed Desktop Fan

Propello - Cageless Rubber-Bladed Desktop Fan

Propello - Cageless Rubber-Bladed Desktop Fan

Who needs a rattling noisy fan on your desk while you're trying to work? I want it to be cool and quiet and for some reason I always want to stick things into the spinning fan blades. Unlike most fans that have safety cages to prevent people like me from getting ridiculously mangled, the Propello Desktop Fan by Black + Blum uses soft natural rubber blades and leaves off the cage completely. Not only that, it also runs virtually silent thanks to a high quality Johnson Electric ball-bearing motor. The body is made of pressure cast zinc alloy/aluminum and the airflow is adjustable. Cool fan, but you could probably buy 10 regular fans for the same price of one of these.


  • Powered by a "John Electric" ball-bearing motor
  • Pressure cast zinc alloy/aluminum body
  • Blades are made from soft natural rubber
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Direction of Airflow adjustable
  • Available in Gray or Pale Blue

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