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TurboQue Smoker - Convection Grilling Fan

TurboQue Smoker - Convection Grilling Fan

The cool new TurboQue Grilling Fan transforms your gas grill into a convection grill / smoker by circulating hot air and smoke gently around the cooking food. It reduces the cooking time by up to 20%, increases the wood smoke flavor and saves you money because you use less fuel. Just attach it to the side of the grill, add some wood smoking chips and prepare yourself for a feast of food with intense smoky flavor that is moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. Great BBQ solution!

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  • Easily attaches to side of gas grill
  • Increases the taste of your meats while reducing cooking time by up to 20%
  • Creates convection currents to distribute smoke around cooking food
  • Reduces cooking time, saves money by using less fuel, increases wood smoke flavor in food
  • Food gets crisper on the outside, stays deliciously juicy on the inside
  • Increases wood smoke flavor in food

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