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Lasko Jet Air Tower Fan

Lasko Jet Air Tower Fan

Lasko Jet Air Tower Fan

When the scorching heat starts to rise, simply fire up this cool new high performance Lasko Jet Air Tower Fan for some serious wind in your home! It doesn't quite have the power of jet propulsion, but it does produce 30-45% greater air velocity than its closest competitor with 9.1 mph wind streams compared to other tower fans generating 5.3 mph streams. It features three performance speeds, two independent flex-direct air vents for maximum air circulation and wide-area oscillation. You just may literally get blown away! Refreshing!

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  • Directional high-performance fan
  • Independent flex-direct air vents
  • Twin air streams for focused air circulation
  • Wide-area oscillation
  • Three performance speeds
  • Remote control
  • Nightlight feature
  • Size: 39.5" H x 11.5" Diameter - 12.5 lbs

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