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Black Bat Halloween Car Costume

Black Bat Halloween Car Costume

Black Bat Halloween Car Costume

This Halloween, you'll probably wear a costume, transform your home into a haunted house, and decorate your neighbor's property with rolls of toilet paper and eggs, but what about your car? Well, with this spooky cool new Black Bat Halloween Car Costume you can finally involve your automobile in your overblown decorative madness as well. Just attach the two 17" bat wings to your car's windows, the 6" black nose to your car's front grill and watch as the roads clear a path for you out of sheer fright. Maybe not.

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  • Perfect for cars, SUVs or RVs
  • Two 17" bat wings attach to your car windows
  • One 6" Black nose attaches to your car grille
  • Weather resistant
  • Material: Plastic, polyester

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