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Horntones FX-550 - MP3 Car Horn

Horntones FX-550 - MP3 Car Horn

Horntones FX-550 - MP3 Car Horn

The cool new Horntones MP3 Car Horn let's you mod your car horn to play any LEGAL sound you want. It's like a ringtone for your car. Installation is as easy as installing a car stereo and once connected you are ready to honk your horn in ways you've only dreamt of. First upload and convert your mp3s on the website to the proper format, then connect and upload those sounds via USB to the Horntones player in your car which can hold up to 256 megabytes! The player has 10 assigned presets, so you can play the appropriate horn sound when needed and it even lets you group sounds together to create themes. Just so you know, it is illegal to use siren wails, bells, and whistle sounds because those are reserved for emergency vehicles. Otherwise have fun, I can't wait to install a semi sounding horn in my truck or maybe just the Road Runner "beep beep". Lot's of possibilities.

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