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Quick-Attach Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover

Quick-Attach Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover

Quick-Attach Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover

The cool new Deluxe Windshield Snow Cover eliminates the need to scrape annoying snow and ice from your car's windshield, front windows, and mirrors. Before the snow begins to fall, this handy cover quickly and easily installs with fabric-covered magnets, quick-attach, rip-and-grip wiper blade straps, and anti-theft flaps that secure behind the doors. When it's not snowing, it also helps to protect your car's interior from harmful UV damage and fading and folds up for easy storage.

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  • Keep snow and ice off your windshield, front windows and mirrors
  • Fabric covered magnets hold the cover in place without scratching the paint
  • Quick-attach rip-and-grip straps secure the cover to your car's wiper blades
  • Helps protect vehicle interior against UV damage and fading
  • Adjustable design fits a variety of side windows
  • Anti-theft design - flaps secure behind doors
  • Completely covers side mirrors
  • Fits windshields up to 58", 60" or 66" wide
  • Folds into mirror pocket for easy storage
  • Sizes: 58" x 37", 60" x 47", 66" x 47"

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