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Smart-E Bear - Interactive Talking Teddy Bear

Smart-E Bear - Interactive Talking Teddy Bear

Smart-E Bear - Interactive Talking Teddy Bear

When I was a little kid, my teddy bear didn't talk, play or sing to me, ahem, I used my superior imagination ;) Well, it's the 21st century now and the simple stuffed teddy bear is out and the modern and super cute new Smart-E Bear has evolved in its place.

This high tech plush bear is like the iPod of the stuffed animal world. It comes preloaded with more than a dozen songs, stories and games for your child to interact with and additional content can easily be downloaded from the Smart-E-Bear web site. Parents simply connect the bear to the computer via the included USB cable, load up and manage whatever games, songs or stories they want in the bear and can quickly purchase, download and install new stuff right off the web. Kids interact with Smart-E Bear by squeezing its color-coded paws and the bear has a cute little voice that gives clear instructions on what to do. It's even smart enough to know your child's name!

I think the best thing about the bear is that it's simple. A teddy bear is meant to be hugged, snuggled and tossed around and some of those expensive animatronic toy bears of the past were way too fragile to actually be "played" with. This is just a soft cute plush bear that just happens to talk, sing and play too!

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  • Interactive plush bear toy knows tons of stories, games and songs
  • Preloaded with more than a dozen songs, stories and games
  • Additional content available from Smart-E-Bear web site
  • Database of over 1,000 boy and girl names means Smart E Bear will be able to call your child by name
  • Grows with child - Fully expandable with downloads from the Smart E Store
  • Child interacts with content by squeezing paws
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • Connects to your computer via USB cord
  • Includes: Smart E Bear, USB Cable, Instructions
  • Ages: 2 and up
  • Size: 12" x 14" x 10"

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