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Where's Waldo Jigsaw Puzzle - 3,000 Pieces, 1 Waldo

Where's Waldo Jigsaw Puzzle - 3,000 Pieces, 1 Waldo

Where's Waldo Jigsaw Puzzle - 3,000 Pieces, 1 Waldo

This cool new Where's Waldo Jigsaw Puzzle is a massive 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that depicts a classic Where's Waldo scene of complete insanity happening while the striped shirt world traveler Waldo patiently waits for you to discover him standing around in plain sight. So once you finally finish the puzzle, the big search for the one single puzzle piece with Waldo hiding on it begins... unless you happened to lose this one piece and proceed to go completely out of your mind.

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  • Pair your joy for finding everyone's favorite striped world traveler with the meditative activity of assembling a jigsaw puzzle
  • The difficult hunt is translated from page to puzzle with 3000 pieces that will keep your brain captivated for hours
  • Discover ships, letter and number blocks, trains, books, and even a rocket ship where Waldo might be hiding in plain sight
  • There's no complete reference photo, making the mystery all that more rewarding when solved!
  • Once the final piece is in place, don't just marvel at the masterpiece… the search is just beginning!
  • 3000 pieces
  • Size: 32" x 45"

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