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Metal Detecting Sandals

Metal Detecting Sandals

Metal Detecting Sandals

Sure you might look a bit like a huge dork strolling down the beach in these Metal Detecting Sandals, but you'll also be having the last laugh as they detect buried metal treasures. These high-tech sandals use beat frequency oscillation technology coming from a built-in copper coil in the right sandal that is powered via a battery pack that straps to your calf. All you need to do is take a leisurely walk on the sand and if it detects any metal artifacts like coins or jewelry up to 2' below the surface, you'll be alerted with a flashing red light and gentle vibration or an audible buzz. Most likely you'll find an empty beer can or something, but you never know...

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  • Detect metal while you walk - find buried artifacts while strolling the beach
  • Copper coil built into the right sandal
  • Powered via a battery pack that straps to your calf
  • Uses beat frequency oscillation technology
  • Detects metal up to 2' deep
  • Alerts: Flashing red light, gentle vibration or an audible buzz
  • Battery lasts up to six hours
  • Non-skid soles and polyurethane foam footbeds

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