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Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat

Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat

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If you live on a lake or near a large pond, then get some leisurely exercise while terrifying everyone else on the water with this cool new Dragon Pedal Boat. This giant green dragon pedal boat is just like the ones used in amusement parks, stands 6-feet above the water, has enough room for two riders, and is powered by a direct-drive, stainless steel twin pedal system that turns the paddle wheel underneath. Just launch it into water that's at least 2-feet deep, use the center-mounted steering stick to turn the rudder, and simply pedal away to glide smoothly through the water. The only downside is that it doesn't breathe fire. 🐉

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Transparent Canoe / Kayak Hybrid
This two-person transparent canoe / kayak hybrid lets you paddle along above the water with a full underwater view beneath it.
Triton 1000 - Personal Submarine
$2,000,000 two-person submersible dives to depths of 1000 feet, travels around at a maximum of 3 knots and gives you spectacular 360 degree underwater views through a pressurized acrylic sphere!
Hoverwing - Flying Hovercraft
When you combine a hovercraft, an airplane and around $190,000, you get something incredible like this cool new Hoverwing - Flying Hovercraft from Universal Hovercraft.
Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
Wish you were an international super spy or an even cooler super villain? Wish you could take a self-driving autonomous convertible sports car underwater? Have an extra $2,000,000 to spend on one? Look no further...
TTRobotix Seawolf Ocean Master - Live Video Underwater Drone
A submersible live video drone that lets you remotely explore the underwater world all safe and dry on land - no SCUBA gear, holding your breath, or submarines required.
Titanic 3D Puzzle with LED Lighting
This three-dimensional scale model of the unsinkable RMS Titanic is actually a puzzle that consists of 266 pre-cut paper and foam board puzzle pieces that are painted with highly accurate details and it even lights up at night too using 7 warm light LED strings.
Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock Platform With Built-In Slide
This inflatable floating dock platform can hold up to 8 people with minimal tossing, turning, or tipping and one side can be converted into a slide.
Panther WaterCar - World's Fastest Amphibious Vehicle
This is the world's fastest amphibious vehicle that can reach speeds up to 80 mph on the road and 44 mph on water, but you should probably slow down first before transitioning between the two.
Gin and Titonic - Titanic Ocean Liners and Icebergs Ice Cube Tray
A silicone ice cube tray that makes 4 ice cube-shaped RMS Titanic ships and 4 ship-sinking matching icebergs.

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Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
Whether you're on a battlefield charging the enemy with a sword in hand or dancing with their princess after the victory, you might as well adorn your noggin with this hand-forged, milled aluminum top hat and, frankly, just look fantastic either way.
Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
This toilet is built from the wood of a massive ash tree, includes a candle holder, ashtray, armrests, a high-profile seat back and a bell to ring when you finish!
Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
These two thick polished steel gauntlets are the ultimate in medieval hand protection!
Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
A heavy duty, cast iron fireback for a fireplace that not only protects the masonry of the firebox and helps reflect warmth back into the room, it also has a terrifying fire-breathing dragon imprinted onto the front of it.
Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
If you're a hardcore gamer, a modern day warrior or just asleep at the keyboard, you're going to need a shot of this Health Energy Potion to boost your HP and restore your dwindling energy.
Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
Set of 4 miniature medieval style stainless steel drinking goblets. Please don't drink and joust.
Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
A massive four-level medieval cardboard castle for cats that provides them plenty of room to explore, play, climb, nap, scratch, hideout, nap again, give you dirty looks from the high ground, and plan devastating sneak attacks from.
Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
Do you wake up every morning with a mighty thirst before battling the day like a true warrior?
Giant Green Dragon Pedal Boat
Build professional looking sand and snow castles with ease using this modular split mold castle making system.

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