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DeepFlight Dragon - World's Easiest to Pilot Personal Submarine

DeepFlight Dragon - World's Easiest to Pilot Personal Submarine

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If you have $1,500,000 burning a hole in your safe, then douse it under the sea with this cool new DeepFlight Dragon. This is the world's easiest to pilot personal submarine that can not only cruise along 400 feet below the surface, but also hover in place for safely exploring shipwrecks, reefs, and underwater species more closely.

The streamlined composite hull has a fixed positive buoyancy design allowing it to easily hover without adjusting ballast or managing drop weights and will always naturally and safely float back to the surface instead of sinking to the murky depths. A rechargeable 15kWH battery powers six 400-rpm, 1.2-kilowatt ducted propellers (2 in the front and 4 in the rear) for up to 6 hours and allow for omnidirectional movement and/or stand-still hovering. It features dual climate-controlled, 5.75" thick acrylic pressure hemispheres, intuitive fly-by-wire controls from either cockpit, a closed-circuit internal (and VHF-to-surface) communications system, and 2 independent digitally monitored oxygen systems.

All of these innovative features and more culminate to make this sleek personal submersible almost as easy to operate as driving a car. Check out the video below to see one in action. Cool huh?

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