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X-UFO - Four-Motor Remote Control UFO

X-UFO - Four-Motor Remote Control UFO

X-UFO - Four-Motor Remote Control UFO

Who doesn't like stuff that hovers and flies around? Check out the X-UFO : Four-Motor Remote Control UFO. This awesome hovering UFO has 4 powerful individual motors and a gyro-stabilization system that allows it to hover steadily in place like a helicopter or precisely maneuver around a room. On calm days you can take it outside and fly it up to 300 feet away and it's shell is made from a tough carbon fiber and is virtually unbreakable. The digital 4-channel remote control, controls all aspects of flight including throttle, pitch, roll, and yaw. The X-UFO deservedly won the Innovation 2005 Award for Technology for design and concept. Check out the video links below and be amazed!

I totally want one of these to fly around the grounds of Green Head HQ. Imagine all the fun things you could do with something like this. Also be sure to look into getting some wireless mini spy cams to hook onto it. This would make a great gift for kids and adults alike and will drive your cat nuts.

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