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Monopoly - Mega Edition : Bigger Better Faster

Monopoly - Mega Edition : Bigger Better Faster

Monopoly - Mega Edition : Bigger Better Faster

Everyone loves the game of Monopoly, but lately who has the time to sit down and play. Unless the usual cheating is going on, this game goes on for hours and even days for the truly hardcore. Well, it's time for an update that's bigger, better and faster. It's time for Monopoly - The Mega Edition!

This new version not only has a 50% larger gameboard with 12 new spaces, including 7 new streets, utilities, and more, it also adds a third speed die to accelerate the purchasing of properties and collecting of rents. They also added bus tickets that let you instantly move to any space on the board, $1000 bills and best-of-all, Skyscrapers! They should have also added protective headgear and mouthguards too, because no matter how much they improve or add to it, this game always ends in a kitchen table clearing, friendship ending, family splitting, expletive filled, ultimate fight to the death throwdown because Grandma still found a sneaky way cheat!

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  • Third speed die accelerates gameplay
  • Bus tickets allow players to move immediately to any space on the board
  • 12 new spaces (including seven new streets, utilities, and more), making it 50% larger than previous boards
  • Build skyscrapers in addition to classic houses and hotels
  • $1000 bills!

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