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Sportcraft Anywhere - Portable Ping Pong Set

Sportcraft Anywhere - Portable Ping Pong Set

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I like playing ping-pong, but not enough to take up half my home with an expensive table that I'll like only use a handful of times because I've grown to despise it as massively invasive clutter. The solution is to simply get this cool new Sportcraft Anywhere - Portable Ping Pong Set. This compact and portable table tennis kit lets you play ping-pong on nearly any table. Just clamp down one post to one side of the table, stretch the net across the table, and attach the second post. Now you're ready to play with the included three balls and two wooden regulation-size paddles. When you're finished, just pack it all up into the drawstring mesh bag and store it completely out of sight. Great for tables at home, while traveling or even at the office - the conference room table makes a great place to stage a table tennis tournament!

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