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Stainless Steel Playing Cards

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

It's time to recycle those boring old paper playing cards and upgrade to something way more durable and stylish like these cool new Stainless Steel Playing Cards. Each playing card in this full deck is crafted from brush satin finished high grade stainless steel, etched with a modern slanted design in classic English style and presented in a foam lined black needle cord box. They not only add a luxurious touch to any poker game, they may or may not deflect a bullet when you get caught cheating with an ace up your sleeve. For safety's sake, please avoid throwing these metallic cards or playing 52 Pick Up.

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  • 54 Stainless Steel Playing Cards - Full deck, including 2 jokers
  • Crafted from high grade stainless steel
  • Each brush satin finished card is beautifully etched with a specially created slanted English style playing card design
  • Foam lined black needle cord box

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