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Monopoly City

Monopoly City
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If you love Monopoly, check out this cool new Monopoly City Edition. There have been countless variations of the classic game, but this new version has added some fun, modern twists that let you financially decimate your friends and family with sheer ruthless glee in a huge 3D city!

The gameplay is essentially the same as the original, but rather than buying up property deeds, you now need to acquire building permits for districts around the outside track that let you build 3D houses, industrial complexes, schools, skyscrapers, stadiums and more on the inside of the game board. Another interesting change is that the railroad spaces have been replaced with planning permission spaces that give you the option to build prisons, sewage plants, landfills, etc. on your opponent's districts to destroy their property values or schools, parks, windfarms and more on your own districts to prevent it from happening to you. It also features all new property names, new higher monetary values, 80 3D futuristic buildings, new playing cards and an electronic trading unit that lets you hold public or private auctions for your properties and districts.

I'm a huge Monopoly fan and this looks like a total blast to play!

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