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Puttacup - Indoor Golf Putting Practice Cup / Floor Vent

Puttacup - Indoor Golf Putting Practice Cup / Floor Vent

Puttacup - Indoor Golf Putting Practice Cup / Floor Vent

Wish you could practice putting golf balls indoors all year long no matter whether the weather outside is frightening or you're just trapped inside and utterly bored during a worldwide shelter-at-home viral pandemic? Then transform your home into a putting green or crazy miniature golf course by replacing your floor vents with these cool new Puttacups. These ingenious indoor putting cups fit into standard sized floor vents that measure 10" L x 4.24" W and allow the air to flow continuously while you practice your putts. The hole in the center of these sporty floor vents is actually 4" instead of an official 4.25" sized hole, so this increase in difficulty might actually help improve your putting skills on a real course. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Looking for an indoor practice putting cup? If so, the Puttacup allows you to putt into a real golf hole in your home.
  • The Puttacup fits into a standard size floor vent that measures: 10" long x 4.24" wide
  • Allows for continuous air flow
  • Hole is actually slightly smaller (4" instead of 4.25") than a real golf hole so it also helps improve your putting
  • Once you putt with the Puttacup, the real golf hole seems a lot bigger
  • It's made of high impact plastic and last for years
  • Perfect for practicing putts in the winter season or even during worldwide, shelter-at-home pandemics

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