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Electronic Drink Caddie - Golf Club Drink Dispenser

Electronic Drink Caddie - Golf Club Drink Dispenser

Here's a cool gift idea for an avid golfer or anyone who gets talked into playing golf with them - the Electronic Drink Caddie! There are similar golf club drink dispensers that are simple manual pump types, but this one is electronic and dispenses your booze, water, coffee, etc. at the push of a button! What type of drinks are you going to smuggle onto the golf course?


  • Just Press a Button - No need to pump or pour—with a press of a button, battery-operated pump dispenses your favorite beverage. Included batteries last an entire season.
  • Looks like a Genuine Golf Club - It looks real, but it's not! Under the guise of a real club head and shaft, the Drink Caddie features an insulated cooler that sits discreetly in the side compartment of your golf bag.
  • Insulated Cooler - Made of durable, high-density plastic, the Drink Caddie holds 54 ounces of your favorite beverage—hot or cold—and maintains the temperature for up to five hours.

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