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Heat-Sensitive Color Changing Jigsaw Puzzle

Heat-Sensitive Color Changing Jigsaw Puzzle

Heat-Sensitive Color Changing Jigsaw Puzzle


If you love the challenge of extremely difficult and frustrating jigsaw puzzles, then get your hands on this cool new Color Changing Jigsaw Puzzle. This solid color jigsaw puzzle consists of 300 pieces printed with heat-sensitive, color-changing ink that transform from purple to pink with the mere touch of your warm fingers. So if you like shuffling around through the pieces looking for one, then they're all going to start changing colors on you and even when you think you've fitted one, the color shift will confuse you further. Good luck!

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  • A puzzle that changes color with your touch
  • A blank heat-sensitive puzzle
  • Each piece is printed with a solid violet hue in a heat-sensitive ink which changes to pink as you work on the puzzle
  • Color change typically lasts just a few moments
  • The shift in pigmentation will confuse you into thinking it just might not fit where you previously thought
  • 300 pieces
  • Changes color from purple to pink when you touch it
  • Put your puzzling prowess to the test with this matte-finished masterpiece
  • Size: 12" x 16"

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