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Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears

Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears

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Sometimes you can sense a cat's mood by the position of their ears and now your cat and even other humans can better understand yours when you don these cool new Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears. These state-of-the-art cat ears (neco mimi) from Japan sit on your head and move up, down or wiggle depending on your concentration and relaxation levels detected by two brainwave sensors that touch your forehead and ear. When you concentrate on something, the ears will rise. When you relax, the ears lie down. If you concentrate and relax at the same time, the ears rise and wiggle. Yep, it's the 21st century and these actually exist. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
This Big Fruit Loop from MSCHF is just that, a single gigantic fruit-flavored breakfast cereal loop in a random color that takes up an entire cereal box.
Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
Now you can enjoy an authentic Chelyabinsk meteorite fragment of your very own, minus reliving the jaw-dropping explosion and brush with extinction.
Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
These ultra-realistic breakaway beer bottle props are handmade from a trade secret formulation of polymer plastics (no sugar) that shatters safely upon impact.
Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
This unique dry English Gin has been infused with a tasty, nutritious, and extra creepy crawly earthworm that can be eaten after drinking.
Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
To use, start growing a little baby watermelon, attach this transparent mold around it, wait for the harvest to pick it, and, Voila!, a square or heart-shaped watermelon pops out that will no longer roll away from you.
Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
No need to knock on wood yourself, because this little curio will do the knocking for you.
Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
A professor at the University of Tokyo has developed an optical camouflage system that makes a special reflective material seemingly disappear, including the wearer!
Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
Bring a lot of warmth and a bit of terror to your living room when you swap out your ancient radiator with one that's completely extinct.
Necomimi - Mind-Controlled Animatronic Cat Ears
This little 1 cm swatch of authentic Ewok fur was cut from the original Wicket Ewok costume used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and encased in a three-part acrylic block that includes a signed certificate of authenticity and a photo card of Wicket. No actual Ewoks were harmed. Yub Nub!

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