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Polarity - Hovering Magnetic Disc Boardgame

Polarity - Hovering Magnetic Disc Boardgame

Tired of playing video games all day like a zombie? Why not go old school and pull out a boardgame? Check out this cool new magnetic hovering disc game called Polarity. Everyone knows how two magnets can float on top of each other because of polarity. Well this game takes advantage of that magnetic force, as you set up magnetic traps to flip and attract your opponent's pieces. It's basically a 21st century version of checkers and looks like a lot of fun!


  • 53 Magnetic Discs (52 Black & White Playing Discs and 1 Red Center Disc)
  • 1 Canvas Carry Bag (with multi-purpose leather tie)
  • 1 Canvas Play Mat
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

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