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Gyrowheel - Eliminates Training Wheels

Gyrowheel - Eliminates Training Wheels

Gyrowheel - Eliminates Training Wheels


The cool new Gyrowheel teaches kids how to ride a bike quickly without any training wheels. This futuristic bicycle wheel has an internal spinning gyroscope that creates a force called gyroscopic precession that helps to keep the bike stable and upright at all speeds as kids learn to safely ride. As the gyroscope spins, the bike balances itself under a riders weight and slowly tilts the bike down when coming to rest. Just replace the front wheel of your kid's bike with this one, charge it up and choose one of three progressive stability settings that allow you to gradually ween them off the assistance. It fits most kids bikes with 12" and 16" wheels, so if you're an adult that hasn't figured out how to ride a bike yet, you're out of luck. I wish I had this when I was a kid, because the rough pavement taught me the hard way. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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