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Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles

Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles

Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles

What tasty Jelly Belly jelly beans are to your taste buds, these cool new Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles are to your nose. These delicious smelling bubbles aren't edible, but when you dunk the double-barreled wand into the bottle and blow, you'll create fun bubbles scented exactly like Jelly Belly jelly beans. They feature a non-toxic formula that is free of dyes and won't stain and come in Very Cherry, Grape Jelly or Green Apple scents. Maybe one day we'll get potentially horrifying Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean scented bubbles too!

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  • Bubbles scented like Jelly Belly jelly beans
  • Non-toxic formula is free of dyes and won't stain
  • 16-ounce bottle includes a double-barreled bubble wand
  • 3 popular scents: very cherry, grape jelly, and green apple
  • Capacity: 16 ounces (473 mL)

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