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Dr. Pepper Scented Candle

Dr. Pepper Scented Candle

Dr. Pepper Scented Candle

While the debate over what a 23 flavored Dr. Pepper soda tastes like rages on (I say it's like cherry, root beer, and vanilla), now you can question what it actually smells like when you light up this cool new Dr. Pepper Scented Candle from the Small Flame Candle Company. This fun handcrafted soy wax candle is supposed to smell like all 23 flavors of a tasty Dr. Pepper soda including a blend of spicy orange and cherry notes with hints of toasted almond, clove, and cinnamon fragrances. It features a 20 hour burn time, lead free wicks, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and is crafted from 100% natural soy wax. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves their Dr. Pepper, but don't let them drink the melted wax. Hmm, this candle would be even cooler if it was in an actual Dr. Pepper can.

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