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WindChaser IceMan Ultra - 3-in-1 Crushed Ice Maker

WindChaser IceMan Ultra - 3-in-1 Crushed Ice Maker

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Every time I use the watercooler in the Green Head HQ break room, I always wonder why manufacturers don't offer one with a built-in ice maker. Think of all those refrigerator water/ice dispensers using unfiltered tap water, when a watercooler with pure, filtered water could also make cubed and crushed ice too. Well, I finally found one that does! This cool Windchaser Iceman Ultra is a 3-in-1 watercooler that makes ice cubes, crushed ice, and dispenses chilled water. Now if they could just take this same unit, add a hot water tap, and use the same technology of the Dophin 2 Air2Water Watercooler, you would have the single coolest watercooler in the known universe!

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