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Wet Circuit - Water Resistant Power Strip

Wet Circuit - Water Resistant Power Strip

Wet Circuit - Water Resistant Power Strip

If you have curious kids, tend to spill everything, need power in wet places, or just want a little extra protection and peace-of-mind with your electricity, check out this cool new Wet Circuit - Water Resistant Power Strip. This innovative power strip is one of the safest and most durable ones on the market. It features a water-resistant design that allows you to literally pour water all over it without getting electrocuted, is child-, pet- and even adult-safe because it only conducts electricity when a proper plug is 100% inserted and automatically shuts down and protects from fire when it detects overheating. It solves almost all the problems that traditional power outlets have, except it still won't stop your pesky cat (mine in particular) from chewing on the power cable itself.

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  • Safest and most durable power strip on the market
  • Water resistant: pour water on it and you won't get sparks or shocked
  • Electrical power is only conducted when a proper plug is 100% inserted into the outlet
  • Child/Pet-safe: Wet fingers/tongues and pennies won't cause shocks
  • Overheat protection: Automatically shuts down before it can cause a fire
  • Long lifespan: Withstands up to 4x more plugging/unplugging than a regular power strip
  • Voltage: 100V~240V
  • Current: 15A
  • Cord Length: 6 feet

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