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Inflatable Backpack Pontoon Boat

Inflatable Backpack Pontoon Boat

Inflatable Backpack Pontoon Boat

The cool new Arrow Backpacker Pontoon Boat is an 8 foot long inflatable pontoon boat that stows away in a lightweight backpack, because you never know when you'll need a boat on your outdoor adventures. You could be backpacking through the South American jungles and suddenly get attacked by an ancient lost tribe and the only escape is on the water. Not a problem when you have your trusty inflatable backpack pontoon boat. More than likely though, this would come in handy when you're out fishing or camping and just want to be able to reach previously inaccessible areas or don't want to deal with the hassles of a full-size boat. Everything you need fits easily in the backpack, including the pontoon boat, oars and a foot pump. There is also plenty of storage and pockets for additional gear and tools. Cool idea, but too bad it's not instantly self-inflating, just in case you happen to fall off a giant cliff along a raging river...

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