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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag

Leakproof Plant Watering Bag

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Tired of dragging a bulky, leaking watering can around to water the plants and flowers around your home? Tired of it taking up way too space afterwards? Then check out this cool new Watering Tote from Gardener's. This handy tote bag is actually a leakproof watering can in disguise.. and it doubles as a normal tote bag too! It's leakproof food-grade fabric can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water, has a flat base for easy refills, water measurement levels printed inside, a waterproof zipper to prevent spilling, and two carrying hands and a ribbed spout to make pouring a snap. Best of all, it's a tote bag, so just roll it up when you're done and don't waste any more space.

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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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Leakproof Plant Watering Bag
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