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Envirosax - Reusable Shopping Bags

Envirosax - Reusable Shopping Bags

Envirosax - Reusable Shopping Bags

I don't know about you, but grocery shopping usually leads to some unqualified bagging expert who only knows how to use one plastic bag per item and then saves all the cans for the bag with the eggs. Do the right thing and bag your own groceries in the self-checkout lane to not only save the environment, but your sanity as well. You will not only reduce the plastic bag load from the hundreds down to like three, but it will also give you the perfect opportunity to use reusuable shopping bags like these compact and stylish new Envirosax - Reusable Shopping Bags.

Rather than having to carry only one or two reusuable bags while shopping, the Envirosax is a unique compact tote that holds 5 reusable and multi-purpose designer shopping bags. The pouch is small enough to carry in your purse and each lightweight polyester bag is strong enough to hold nearly twice as much as one average grocery bag, up to 44 lbs. These inexpensive and environmentally friendly shopping bags come in a whole variety of fun and funky designs and are waterproof and machine washable. Now when you are asked paper or plastic, just respond with neither.

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