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Bamboo Briefcase

Bamboo Briefcase

Bamboo Briefcase

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Metal briefcases don't even compare to the strength, durablity and lightweight feel of this cool new Bamboo Briefcase. This eco-friendly briefcase is handmade from sustainably harvested Moso bamboo from a forest in the Highlands of Central China and has a tensile strength of 28,000 lbs. per square inch AKA 5,000 lbs. greater than that of steel! Despite its strength and durability, it's as light and easy to carry as any standard briefcase and is naturally water-resistant and won't crack or splinter. This unique briefcase features an interior lined in suede, has 2 file pockets, 3 penholders, 1 cell phone compartment and dual locks for security. It's perfect for the daily commute to the office or for handing off large sums of cash in style!

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