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Portobello Mushroom Growing Kit

Portobello Mushroom Growing Kit

Portobello Mushroom Growing Kit

If you love portobello mushroom, now you can grow your very own with the cool new Portobello Mushroom Growing Kit. Just open the box, mist daily and watch as these giant mushrooms grow right inside the shipping container in only about three to four weeks. When ready, harvest the fresh mushroom caps and enjoy them in your favorite culinary masterpieces. A fun and unique gift for cooks, gardeners, kids, mushroom lovers and more.



  • Mushrooms grow indoors, right in the shipping container
  • Just open the box, mist daily and watch them thrive
  • Ready to harvest in just three to four weeks
  • Includes easy instructions and recipes
  • Size Box: 12" x 8.5" x 8.5" H

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