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Laundry Totes

Laundry Totes

Laundry Totes

Tossing your dirty clothes and towels in the hamper is a pain to retrieve and move to the washing machine later, as is picking it all up off the floor if that's more your style. A simple and stylish solution is to just line up these cool new Laundry Totes in your bedroom or closet. These handy tote bags make it easy to sort your laundry during the week and then can be simply picked up and taken to the washing machine when it's wash day. The totes are made from woven cellulose that is lined with polyester and then finished with sturdy wooden handles. They also have convenient names on the side like laundry, dry cleaning, and hand wash to make sorting later even easier.

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  • Designer: Dransfield & Ross
  • Woven of cellulose, lined with polyester, and finished with wooden handles
  • Crisp, tidy laundry totes make wash day a little easier and a lot more attractive
  • After they get filled up, the sorting is already done
  • Line them up in the bathroom or closet
  • Size: 22" W x 10" D x 20" T

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