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Pick-Up Pals - Hand Puppet Pet Waste Bags

Pick-Up Pals - Hand Puppet Pet Waste Bags

Pick-Up Pals - Hand Puppet Pet Waste Bags

If you thought strolling down the sidewalk while whistling a tune, staring at a smartphone in one hand, and twirling a huge bag of dog poo around in the other makes you look like the coolest and sexiest person in the world, then prepare to take your dog walking swagger to the next level with these cool new Pick-Up Pals. These hilarious pet waste bags / cartoon hand puppets are shaped like fun sharks, alligators, orcas, and clownfish to make picking up dog droppings a bit more entertaining. Just slip the hand puppet on, open its mouth as it nears the target, and then take a big bite before folding it all inside out and tying in a knot. If you have kids, they'll finally be fighting over who gets to pick up after the dog they promised to walk and take care of for the very first time. Each box includes 100 pet waste bags (25 each) that are biodegradable, lavender scented, and 100% leakproof.

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