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Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag

Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag

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Traveling with an old-fashioned steamer trunk full of clothes and more isn't really much of an option these days, but you can carry nearly the same amount in something a bit more practical like this cool new Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag. This oversized duffel bag has a whopping 6,400 cubic inches of packing space and holds up to 50 pounds, yet it weighs only 1 pound when empty, making it perfect for travel, storage, moving, college students, camping, and more. It features ultra-light yet ultra-tough 420D nylon construction, a zippered interior pocket, an exterior pocket, a top carry handle, and collapses and folds up to save space when not in use, unlike bulky traditional luggage. You could probably even get the kitchen sink in there too if needed.

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Undercover Laptop Sleeve
This thief-deceiving laptop sleeve is disguised as a ratty, old mailing envelope on the outside, but is satiny and quilted on the inside!
Money Stacks Duffle Bag
This fun weekend duffle bag features a highly realistic all over print of stacks and stacks of crisp $100 bills. Perfect for carrying clothes or actual cash.
Human Organ For Transplant - Insulated Lunch Tote
It not only sends a disturbing message to co-workers to stay clear of your lunch, but they may just think you're a possible cannibal as well. This is fine with me it that's what it takes to prevent breakroom lunch theft, plus it's just funny.
Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag
When you're on your way to a yoga class, disguise that boring old yoga mat you're carrying on your shoulder inside this cool new Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag.
Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kit
These extra tough dopp kits are handcrafted from real fire hoses used in actual fires, now repurposed to stand up to your travel toiletries.
Backpacker's Closet - Giant Backpack
The possibilities for transporting extreme amounts of random stuff on your back are endless when you slip on this giant, oversized backpack.
Backpack Cooler Chair
This Summer, don't lug around a giant cooler and folding chair everywhere you go, just grab this versatile all-in-one solution that combines a comfortable folding chair, an insulated portable cooler and a handy backpack for easy mobility!
Octopus Backpack
This handmade leather backpack is shaped like an octopus who has escaped the murky depths to ride around on your back and help carry some of your stuff instead.
Bag-Shaped Cocktail Glass
This unique, double-take-inducing cocktail glass is shaped like a scrunched up paper bag complete with decorative twine wrapped around it.

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Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
This travel pillow provides 360 degrees of neck support and extends up to cover your ears for a noise cancelling effect that lowers noises by 30 decibels.
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
This is the world's first portable punching bag that quickly straps to a tree trunk or strong pillar with ease so you can train anytime, anywhere you wish.
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
This heavy duty portable travel safe quickly secures to any fixed object with a bar or pole and features ultra slash-resistant, water-resistant, and RFID blocking fabric, an internally locking flap with a re-programmable lock, and an internal zipper pouch and easy access mesh pockets.
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
This ultra-portable coffee, tea, and cold brew maker is a miniature French press-style brewer that can actually fit in your pocket and produces zero waste.
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
Portable sleeping cocoon made from specially woven fabric that is impervious to bed bugs.
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
This lightweight backpack ventilation spacer increases airflow between your back and backpack to reduce heat and sweat and alleviate back and shoulder strain.
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
The roll up design, suede playing surface, wooden game pieces, and carrying strap make it perfect for vacations, picnics, poolside, camping, backyard, and more.
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
This inventive insulated travel mug collapses down to 1/3 of its original height when empty.
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag
A convenient, anti-frizz negative ion cordless hair dryer that not only frees you to blow dry your hair anywhere you want without getting tangled up in a cord, it can also be used hands free while sitting or standing.

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