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U-Pet Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier

U-Pet Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier

U-Pet Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier

The cool new U-Pet Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier lets you carry your small furry best friend along with you wherever you may roam and gives them a fantastic view of the world outside through a built-in semi-spherical bubble window. This sleek wearable pet bed is perfect for small cats or dogs (10 lbs or less) and has plenty of ventilation holes and mesh panels, a built-In security leash, a soft removable pad, a viewing bubble that can be switched to mesh or even removed, and is approved for use on most major airlines. It's probably the only way you'll ever get to take a real hike with your cat, but getting it into this carrier is going to be a whole other adventure.

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  • Revolutionary semi-sphere window design
  • Mobile pet bed and car seat two in one
  • Mesh panels and ventilation holes
  • Approved on most major airlines - meets all USDA & IATA requirements
  • Built-In security leash
  • Soft washable pad
  • Top and side entries for maximum accessibility
  • Removable pad for comfort and easy cleaning
  • Suitable for small dog or cat that weigh less than 10 pounds
  • Bubble pet carriers carry your pet in comfort and safety
  • Perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Carrier's window can be switched to mesh or removed for small dogs
  • Size: 11.8" L x 11.0" W x 17.3" H

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