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Outdoor Cat Teepee

Outdoor Cat Teepee

Outdoor Cat Teepee

If you're looking to pamper your mean old cat even more, check out this cool new Outdoor Cat Teepee! This amazing structure lets your feline friends play, explore, climb, sleep and enjoy the outdoors in a protected enclosure. It features 3 different levels to climb up on and platforms to sit and nap on too. It's constructed with a durable steel frame, covered in canvas with a nylon netting to let in the sunlight.

It's the perfect gift for the cat who has everything. Cats really are living the life, aren't they?

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  • Cats can play, explore, sleep, or enjoy the outdoors in a protected enclosure
  • 3 separate levels with openings
  • Vinyl doors at the base allow cats to enter and exit easily
  • Materials: Steel frame, canvas and nylon netting
  • Size: 144" H x 48" Diameter - 32 lbs

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