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Cat Cooling Tray

Cat Cooling Tray

Cat Cooling Tray

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This summer, during the sweltering dog days, help keep your fur coat wearing feline friend cool and comfortable with this cool new Cat Cool Pot Bed. This cat-shaped napping tray is made from cooling aluminum that helps to reduce their body temperature during the summer months and is just the right size for them to curl up in. Hmm, just don't accidentally bake a cat pie with it.


  • Bowl-like tray for keeping your pet cool during hot days
  • Made from cooling aluminum
  • Cat-shaped dish is designed to fit a curled-up feline in just the snug way they like
  • Helps reduce their body temperature in the boiling summer
  • Functions as both a pet bed and as fun decoration to make your cat look cute
  • Size: 15" x 15" x 3"

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