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Robo Fish - Lifelike Robotic Pet Fish

Robo Fish - Lifelike Robotic Pet Fish

Robo Fish - Lifelike Robotic Pet Fish

I'm pretty sure that a fish would rather be in it's natural aquatic habitat than swimming endlessly around in bowl all day hoping some kid remembers to shake some food flakes on the surface, while desperately trying to evade a hungry cat. So if you would rather not deal with a belly up fish and water-wasting flushing funerals, simply upgrade your fish to a cool new RoboFish. Just drop these water-activated, robotic clownfish (shark also available) into an aquarium or fish bowl and watch as they realistically swim around just like the real thing. The good thing is that you don't have to feed or care for them, but you may still need to net one out to swap the battery. Great for little kids who want a pet, adults who want a maintenance-free aquarium, or anyone bored at the office.

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