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PetFusion ModestCat - Stylish Litter Box Privacy Screen

PetFusion ModestCat - Stylish Litter Box Privacy Screen

PetFusion ModestCat - Stylish Litter Box Privacy Screen


This cool new PetFusion ModestCat is a stylish cat litter box privacy screen that not only gives your furry feline friend a bit of privacy while they do their business, it also decoratively hides it from view in any room, prevents them from obnoxiously scattering litter into the room when they leap out, lets you set the path in and out, and helps solve behavior issues associated with claustrophobic and blocked in spaces. Its frame is constructed from bamboo and features hinged scratch proof, semi-transparent panels, anti-slip feet, and it covers even the largest of cat litter boxes. Great solution.

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  • Intentionally designed for cat households
  • Stylish cat litter box enclosure that blends in with your modern home
  • Bamboo frame, scratch proof plastic panels that are easy to clean, flexible, and safe
  • Open floor design (multiple entry/exit points), customized height, semi-transparent panels
  • Helps solve behavior issues associated w/ claustrophobic spaces such as closed boxes, small closets, blind spots or tight corners
  • Great to seamlessly hide litter boxes in any room of the house, but especially high traffic areas
  • Guide the exit of your cat from his/her box
  • Helps block litter from spreading
  • Covers the largest cat litter boxes
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Size: 36" H x 4' W

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