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Ostrich Pillow Mini

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Ostrich Pillow Mini

Unlike the original Ostrich Pillow that you wear over your head, the cool new Ostrich Pillow Mini is a compact, lightweight, and super portable travel pillow that you can wear on your hand, elbow or forearm for power napping wherever you might be. Perfect for napping in classrooms, libraries, cubicles, church, planes, trains, automobiles, or anywhere you feel the yawning urge to just stop whatever you're doing and take a snooze. Way more comfortable than your arm by itself.


  • Napping has been shown to increase your productivity by 34%
  • Lightweight, portable and supremely comfortable
  • Incredibly versatile - can be worn on the hand, elbow or forearm
  • Effective but more subtle alternative to other Ostrich Pillows
  • Handcrafted in Spain
  • Fabric: 95% Viscose/5% Elastomer
  • Filling: Micro polystyrene beads

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