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Giant Candy Cane Body Pillow

Giant Candy Cane Body Pillow

Giant Candy Cane Body Pillow

This holiday season, snuggle up with this cool new Giant Candy Cane Body Pillow before you settle in for a long winter's nap. Normally, one wouldn't cuddle with a gigantic sticky candy cane, but this oversized plush version happens to be super soft with a velvety This massive candy cane may look quite tasty to anyone who loves red and white peppermint stripes and especially giants with a sweet tooth, but it's actually just a soft, velvety plus body pillow for napping, reading, resting, watching Christmas movies, Christmas decorating, and epic candy cane pillow fights.

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  • Adorable plush candy cane body pillow
  • Great for napping, reading, playtime, or resting
  • Great for candy cane lovers, holiday decorating, photos, gifting and more
  • Oversized pillow has classic red and white candy cane stripes and is crafted with a faux fur that's soft and plush
  • Festive Candy Cane has super-soft, velvety surface that feels so good
  • Size: 42.5" L

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